Project 1: Dynamic Composition

IMG_0008[1]Does the design include a primary focal point? Where is it located and how is the focal point emphasized? Refer to the rule of thirds and the “How to Create a Focal Point” handout.

– The focal point is on the lower left corner and it is emphasized by the dark lines.

Has a Visual Flow been established that activates the entire picture plane? What elements are used to lead the eye around the entire composition?

-what leads the viewers eyes to the composition is the lines and how they get darker towards the focal point.

Does the composition successfully utilize repetition of shape and line? How?

-Yes, because the drawing is mostly lines and use different values.


Does the drawing display a confident use of the pitt pens? Does the drawing explore variation in line quality/thickness?

– Yes it shows thickness and quality.
 What are the successful AND unsuccessful aspects of your design? Remember that we learn just as much from our failures than from our achievements!

– The unsuccessful part i think is the negative space in part of the picture and the successful part is the lines and value.
 Has the final design been executed in a professional manner? Designs should utilize the designated materials with care, effort, and attention to detail. This includes proper mounting to Bristol Board.

-Yes the only thing i didn’t use was the Pitt pen but everything else was done.