Project 2: Black and white shape compositions


Are the three designs non-representational? – No you can tell which composition is which.

 Are the shapes in the design predominately organic or geometric/biomorphic in each of your compositions? – They have both organic and geometric shapes.

 Are figure/ground relationships evident in your designs? In which ones? Do each of the black & white shapes compete to act as positive & negative space? In which ones? – In the first and last one both have the same amount of both black and white trying to give negative space.

 Is one design asymmetrical, one symmetrical and one radial? – Yes the one of each.

 How did you use Balance to activate the composition? – i did an example of each of one of them and created the visual of composition.

 What are the successful AND unsuccessful aspects of your design? Remember that we learn just as much from our failures than from our achievements! – on the radial work it has to much negative space(black) and the others are almost even.

 Has the final design been executed in a professional manner? Designs should utilize the designated materials with care, effort, and attention to detail. This includes proper mounting to Bristol Board. –  Yes all materials meet to required.